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יום שבת, 8 במרץ 2008

The Amazing Conversion Prophet

Well, let me tell you about this new breakthrough marketing tool I recently got, called "Conversion Prophet", which uses a new and revolutionary method called "pre-tracking" to actually predict how effect or how well the website converts.

I was able to maximize the conversion rate of my webpage from the FIRST DAY I built my website with just 73 visitors. (I'll tell you much more in detail later)

I have been using this to generate over $2000/month of pure profits promoting just one affiliate program using one-paged dummy website I built in just couple hours from complete scratch.

It doesn't matter how little traffic you have
It doesn't matter how little money you have
It doesn't matter how little time you have
And It doesn't matter if you suck at marketing
And I don't have to convince you believe me. Just read the rest of the page and see for yourself how it works.

יום חמישי, 6 במרץ 2008

Conversion Prophet

Conversion Prophet uses a pre-tracking algorithm to
predicts the conversion rate of anything including any
existing webpage, keywords, affiliate programs so you
know what works and what doesn't right from the start.
Conversion Prophet Allows You to Accurately Pinpoint the Most Profitable Ads, Affiliate Program, Keywords, Sales Letter Elements, and ANYTHING online in the Quickest Way Possible That You Almost Immediately Know Where the Money Is!.

with Conversion Prophet you will :

1.Discover the best converting affiliate program almost instantly in matter of few visitors and make instant profits with it!
2.Pinpoint the exact "profit-guaranteed" keywords that give you the most profits and customers, while knowing exactly which keywords are total losers that you should stop using,
3.Maximize your sales letter conversion rate immediately WITHOUT buying expensive traffic or doing any hard work... because you will know which headline, price, graphics, fonts will give you the most sales.
4.Dominate any niche you choose. You will be able to find out the conversion rate of your competitor's website! You don't think that will give you an advatage over your competitors?
all that $1.57 Per Day .